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Current Weight: 263 lbs
Body Fat %: 36.1
BMI: 37.6
Lost Weight: 29.2 lbs
Avg Per Day: 1.12 lbs
Target Weight: 180 lbs
Need to Lose: 83 lbs

So, on the third day of this diet I posted my version of the diet rules that I would be following, but then I bent the rules a bit once I hit the third week. Instead of slowly reintroducing vegetables, I went all out with a chili recipe… figuring I could simply imagine how good corn alone would taste the first time I had it again.

My recent change to the diet is in finding a replacement for Tabasco sauce as a flavor booster.

Penn was allowed Tabasco and he admittedly piled it on. So, it would be safe to assume that his 1% daily value of sodium per serving additive actually ended up as a serving of 2-4% per meal he added it to. Coincidentally, most mustards fall in this range as well per serving.

While in the grocery store, I looked up uses for mustards and one jumped out at me… a salad dressing.

The recipe was vague; apple cider vinegar (have that), black pepper (have that), and then lime juice (can’t have that), parsley (don’t have that), and mustard (about to buy that).

Picked up four different kinds to experiment with and made a little bit. It wasn’t all that bad and will have to see if anyone has perfected a homemade mustard dressing recipe that’s diet friendly. I’ll post whatever I find or come up with.

Also, the fiance’s birthday is coming up and we’ll be going out to dinner twice as we stay overnight in Pennsylvania. Depending on where we go, I’ll be getting the healthiest, but still fun item on the menu. I may make that exception, just like the fiance’s father is for the Super Bowl. He’s been awesome on the diet and will be hitting day 21 tomorrow with awesome results.


Here’s my stats so far and I’m feeling great.

Weight Goal

Body Goal

We had a company lunch on Friday and it was cake, super long subs, and then the toppings I used to make a makeshift salad despite the chili I had in the fridge. Actually, I forgot that it’s still there as I’m writing this. Whoops.

Subway "Salad"
Subway “Salad”

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