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Current Weight: 259.4 lbs
Body Fat %: 36.4
BMI: 37.1
Lost Weight: 32.8 lbs
Avg Per Day: 1.13 lbs
Target Weight: 180 lbs
Need to Lose: 79.4 lbs

Here’s to another rule brok… I er… mean… changed.

Phase 2 of this diet is supposed to be only “whole vegatables” with a couple of very safe flavor boosters as the exception. The other day however, I bought four different types of mustard to make different kinds of salad dressing with under the assumption that with dillution, the mustards single serving sodium content would either be below or the same as one of the exceptions. That’s how mustard became another exception in a long list of them (such as many various spices).

Yesterday, I was running late to work and wanted to eat earlier than I normally do, so I stopped at Cumberland Farms, knowing I could grab a large black iced tea (black coffee and tea are both allowed) and I knew that sometimes they had a plastic container of carrot and cellery sticks in the sandwhich station. But then I thought to myself, “If the 109-135 calories per medium to large bananas totalled around the same that I was having on only vegetables or at least within a narrow range of that, why can’t I just fill up on bananas?”.

They sell their bananas at three for a dollar and any fountain or self-served cafe beverage is only a dollar, so I was getting one helluva deal (note: Cumbies is awesome). So, it filled me up for most of the day as it seemed to take longer to digest. But, was my weight loss going to suffer? So, I figured if I had a huge caloric deficit either way and I didn’t mind losing the weight slightly slower due to being WAY ahead of my conservative estimates, then why not let this be an amatuer-ish Ray Cronise style “experiment” and find out if I could do this every once and awhile or if I need to quit it if I want the results as fast as I do?

The weight loss didn’t really suffer. Sure, I’m not using the scientific method as there’s the variable I can’t control (BM’s), which changes my results slightly every day, but I chose to double-down. Instead of three bananas, I ate six in one go.

Now, I know there’s the risk of potassium poisoning, but this was an experiment that can be done with any fruit, so I wasn’t worried about it. I simply chose bananas, because I knew how much these cost and stood closer to them than the apples on the other side of the registers. No risk, no worries.

Conclusion, even though I changed the rules slightly to try something out and possibly keep doing it, I don’t feel guilty whatsoever. It’s nice to think that I’m considering fruit of all things “cheating”, no differently than Penn treated fruit as a treat or dessert. Just like happiness is easier to achieve by lowering the standards you have for contentment, it works the same way with food. I’ve lowered my standards in terms of what food allowed me to feel like I was indulging and therefore hit the areas of my brain that cued the “feel good” endorphines.

Ain’t science grand?


I feel like I’m wittier than I was before the diet.
I know what you’re thinking.
I didn’t think I could get any funnier either.

I will say however, the other day I was thoroughly daydreaming about a meal I had at the Hash House A Go Go at the Mohegan Sun casino here in Connecticut. It’s the most gourmet, yet still somehow very traditional, chicken and waffles I have ever had. I highly suggest it if you ever go. There’s also a Hash House somewhere in Las Vegas. DO IT! Going to the casino or Las Vegas for most is VERY “Rare & Appropriate”.

Hash House A Go Go Chicken And Waffles
Good golly, miss molly…


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