Current Weight: 261.1 lbs
Body Fat %: 36.5
BMI: 37.93
Lost Weight: 31.1 lbs
Avg Per Day: 0.72 lbs
Target Weight: 190 lbs
Need to Lose: 71.1 lbs

I’ve put myself 16 days behind schedule.

I’m now not going to hit my target by the start of my vacation with the fiance.

Instead of weighing between 180-190 lbs by vacation, I’ll be somewhere under 212 lbs at the current rate (assuming the rate gets slightly better).

This means I can’t start working out a little bit before hand like I wanted to.

Getting off of this diet, for needless temporary highs, is not worth it. I’m still going to get off the diet for the fiance’s birthday weekend and we might go out for sushi on Valentine’s day, and then I’ll be off the diet during vacation.

Here is what not to do:

  1. Do not come up with an excuse to break the rules before you break them in order to feel better about it “being part of the plan”. If you mess up, simply forgive yourself and get back on track.
  2. Do not bend the rules slightly as it can be a long and winding slippery slope. Even if it doesn’t get worse, over time the consequences will compound and make a big difference. For instance, I thought my actions were only going to put me back a few days at first, then a week at most. Boy, was I wrong.
  3. Do not say “well I bought it, so I have to use it”. This is no different than a person who never replaces the crap in their house with healthy alternatives, because they don’t want to throw “food” away and there’s always an exception to be made, which consistantly puts healthy alternatives on the backburner.
  4. Do not use others not eating well as an excuse to make a needless exception (ie a special occasion dinner with the healthiest menu option is far different than ordering pizza randomly).
  5. Do not let failing at #1-4 convince you to give up. Let it be the opportunity to say that you’re not one of the stereotypical people who would.
  6. Do not let your own self-forgiveness turn into the inner-undisciplined child who keeps testing the waters, because it knows the parent will let them get away with it. When you need to be your own best friend, codependent behaviors will still sabotage you.

Perhaps I’ll do cardio in Florida to counter the lack of being on the diet and simply continue where I left off when I get back. I know I can’t “outrun my mouth”, but I sure as heck can keep myself in place rather than allowing myself to fall behind again.


If you’re going to eat mustard instead of tabasco sauce or apple cider vinegar, I suggest Bookbinder’s Horseradish Hot Mustard. Only 5 calories per Tsp and it’s great with many vegetables, cooked or raw. Tabasco and cider vinegar are still the better choices, but I need to go back to the drawing board with looking for applicable recipes I can use.

I want to also go through the blog, grabbing all of the recipes I’ve mentioned so far, and start posting them in the empty forums on the page. Perhaps, I’ll add sub-topics for different types of recipes as well.

I saw someone take shredded potatoes and cook hashbrowns in their George Foreman grill as part of their potato fast. Throw in some tabasco and/or chopped peppers and onions and it sounds like an amazing meal. I would consider the cooking spray to be negligable seeing how little is used. I also read the differences between air-popped popcorn and microwavable, with certain recipes for air-popped being extremely healthy alternatives to any other snack.

Stats After Failing
Crap, crap, crap… and flush