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Current Weight: 282.7 lbs
Body Fat %: 37.4
BMI: 40.4
Target Weight: 190 lbs
Need to Lose: 92.7 lbs

Addictions Suck

I slippery sloped my way off the wagon with exception after bullshit exception.

Then, I refused to look at the Atheist 12 Steps to see where I had fallen to.

Then, I refused to look at this blog, let alone post on it.

Then, I continued to procrastinate.

The only denial I had was the stereotypical “I’ll start up again tomorrow” reasoning to myself (and others). Not denial that it would eventually be true, but denial in that “Surely, I wouldn’t let it go another day like this”. People often give themselves the benefit of the doubt when they clearly shouldn’t… especially when they can instead simply prove themselves right immediately instead of proving themselves wrong “tomorrow”.

Then, I attempted to make up my own rules and failed at that as well.

I could forgive myself with “I’m only human”, but that’s being too easy on myself. People use that justification for their actions too often and usually to avoid even considering the possible guilt they should process in a healthy and productive way.

Consequences of my actions:

  • Lost progress with weight.
  • Lost progress with blood pressure.
  • Lost progress with appearance.
  • Lost progress with having more energy.
  • Lost progress with self-esteem.
  • Lost progress with pride.

What I’m Going to Do About It

I say to “never trust a selfish exception” in the title of this blog post, because an “exception” means that you’re going outside of the rules you set for yourself. For instance, if I included having a “cheat day” once a week as part of my diet, that wouldn’t be an “exception”, but having more than one (last second) “cheat day” a week would be. If it’s an exception for the sake of someone else, it’s one thing, but if it’s an exception for your own desire… just how much can you trust it? I say it’s no different than why it’s so easy to give others advice while not taking it ourselves.

Because my stats from the first 30 days of my original challenge had proven that a strictly whole food vegetarian diet gave me exactly the results I wanted, I’m keeping the same diet.

The weird set of rules I tried a couple of months ago were just an example of reversed “insanity”… trying something different and expecting the same exact results.

My future father-in-law has been on my original diet with his own set of rules (ie uses low-sodium salsas and spaghetti sauces) mixed with whole vegetables and drinks green tea and he’s lost over 50 lbs so far. What he makes is simple and quick and in turn stress free and it’s probably because he knows that he’ll like everything he makes. Being retired with the time to make the meals doesn’t hurt either.

Here’s to starting again and learning from my mistakes.

Day One, here I come… again…

New Steamer
Part of the issue was losing my old steamer. Picked up a new one today.

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